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Here is a selected bibliography of my works using canIPA principles:

General and/or non-monographic handbooks

  • Avviamento alla fonetica [An Introduction to Phonetics] (2006) Torino: Einaudi
  • Natural Phonetics & Tonetics. Articulatory, auditory, and functional (2007) München: Lincom
  • Fonetica e tonetica naturali. Approccio articolatorio, uditivo e funzionale (20073) München: Lincom
  • A Handbook of Pronunciation. English, Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Arabic, Hindi, Chinese, Japanese, Esperanto (20072) München: Lincom
  • Manuale di pronuncia. Italiana, inglese, francese, tedesca, spagnola, portoghese, russa, araba, hindi, cinese, giapponese, esperanta (20073) München: Lincom


  • Pronuncia inglese per italiani [English Pronunciation for Italians] (20113) Roma: Aracne
  • English Pronunciation & Accents (2014) München: Lincom

Chinese (Mandarin)

  • Pronuncia cinese per italiani [Chinese Pronunciation for Italians] (2009, & Marco Cerini) Roma: Aracne
  • Chinese Pronunciation (forthcoming, & Marco Cerini) München: Lincom


  • Dutch & Afrikaans Pronunciation & Accents (2013, & Marco Cerini) München: Lincom
  • Pronuncia neerlandese per italiani [Dutch Pronunciation for Italians] (2013, & Marco Cerini) Roma: Aracne


  • Pronuncia francese per italiani [French Pronunciation for Italians] (20113) Roma: Aracne
  • French Pronunciation & Accents (forthcoming) München: Lincom


  • Pronuncia tedesca per italiani [German Pronunciation for Italians] (2012) Roma: Aracne
  • German Pronunciation & Accents (2013) München: Lincom


  • Manuale di pronuncia italiana [A Handbook of Italian Pronunciation] (20042) Bologna Zanichelli (+ 2 audiocassettes)
  • Pronunce straniere dell’italiano / «ProSIt» [Foreign Pronunciation of Italian] (2007) München: Lincom
  • Dizionario di pronuncia italiana [Italian Pronouncing Dictionary] (2009) Bologna: Zanichelli
  • La buona pronuncia italiana del terzo millennio [Good Italian Pronunciation in the Third Millennium] (20124, + CD, & Barbara Giovannelli) Roma: Aracne


  • Japanese Pronunciation (forthcoming, & Marco Cerini) München: Lincom


  • Pronuncia portoghese per italiani [Portuguese Pronunciation for Italians] (20112) Roma: Aracne
  • Portuguese Pronunciation & Accents (forthcoming) München: Lincom


  • Pronuncia russa per italiani [Russian Pronunciation for Italians] (2013, & Daniele Vitali) Roma: Aracne
  • Russian Pronunciation & Accents (forthcoming, & Daniele Vitali) München: Lincom


  • Pronuncia spagnola per italiani [Spanish Pronunciation for Italians] (20132, & Renzo Miotti) Roma: Aracne
  • Spanish Pronunciation & Accents (forthcoming, & Renzo Miotti) München: Lincom
  • Pronunciación y acentos del español (forthcoming, & Renzo Miotti) München: Lincom


  • Turkish Pronunciation & Accents (forthcoming, & Francesca Balzi) München: Lincom

Here follows an alphabetical list of pronouncing dictionaries for English, French, German by other authors:

  • Deutsches Aussprachewörterbuch (2009) Berlin: De Gruyter.
  • Duden Aussprachewörterbuch (20056) Mannheim: Bibliographisches Institut & F. A. Brockhaus AG.
  • Jones, D. English Pronouncing Dictionary. (201118) Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
  • Kenyon, J. S. & Knott, T. A. A Pronouncing Dictionary of American English. (1953) Springfield, Mass.: Merriam.
  • Lerond, A. Dictionnaire de la prononciation. (1980) Paris: Larousse.
  • Warnant, L. Dictionnaire de la prononciation française dans sa norme actuelle (1987) Paris/Gembloux: Duculot.
  • Wells, J. C. Longman Pronunciation Dictionary. (20083) Harlow: Longman.

Several other ‹pronouncing dictionaries› have been published, for those languages as well as others, but they are no good models to follow, either because they do not make use of IPA symbols or use them too vaguely; or because they do not give any or too few proper names or inflected forms.

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